Monday, December 13, 2010

Following an Innova car

On 11th December morning at 9AM,I was following a Car(Innova) from BMC  compound. Both vehicles want to cross one panchayath road to enter the Seaport-Airport Road. We both were in very slow speed and in first gear.

I have looked left and right and there was no vehicles on the road. The Innova car has crossed the road and I was just behind it. When I reached the middle of the panchayath road ,a motor cycle came with a high speed. The bike rider suddenly braked and it hit the left side front tyre of  my Ritz car.Then he falled down slowly with the bike. All the near by Auto Riksha drivers came running to help him. After some seconds he regained the energy and picked up the bike and started the it.A miracle happened.On checking, the vehicle /himself had no problem at all.Thanks to the Lord! I spoke with him half an hour and sent him happily.

What had really happened? Is it my mistake?

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