Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Alappuzha-Nedumudi River Villa ,Rice Villa, Emerald Villa area

On Aug 15th morning we started from Kochi to Alleppy, Homestay Villa(Rice Villa), Nedumudi Bridge. We reached at 12.15 hrs and the owner was waiting for us. He arranged a boat from the Jetty to reach the Villa. Very beautiful place for a home stay. The building was built by royal woods, and doors with Chitra ppoottu. We enjoyed 2 nights there and returned to Kochi on 17th Noon. To reach the place easy way is call Mr.Boben from Alleppy Boat Jetty or Railway station/Bus stand. If from Railwaystation take one taxi to Alappuzha Boat jetty and get Boat to Chaturthyathi stop. Emerald and Rice Villa are very near the Vayanashala Boat Jetty.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Rock Springs,Country Club Cochin

This is Resort and Club near Njarakkal, Cinema Theatre on Kochi-Munambam Road. Country Club memebers are allowed to enter the area.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My 1st Story:The Dream and the Lamps

A story written by me for an Industrial story competition is furnished below:
My name is Ben and I am working in a Steel factory.

That afternoon my boss had asked me to be ready with the 3rd quarter target list. I had been stressing myself so much to make the report ready within the stipulated time period. I was worried of getting it completed .I had finished the office work feeling exhausted.

Late afternoon I took my Volvo car, went for shopping, and then drove towards the Seaside road. This was one of my favourite spots. There were many who were enjoying themselves on the Sea shore. I saw my friend Mr Freddy. He usually gives me company in the evenings. We spent our time talking and laughing.

Today we discussed on how to spend our Christmas holidays. We together took a decision to go for a trekking at Vagamon Mountain. Late that evening we finished our dinner from the Seashore Hotel and I dropped Freddy at his home.

At around 10pm, I came home and after a hot bath fell into bed and was asleep almost at once. I began to dream of myself and Mr. Freddy were walking on a mountain and then traveling through a ghostly place where we saw ghost like figures and terrifying things. Suddenly from nowhere two white horses came galloping towards us and somebody forced us to climb on and started riding us to an unknown place.

                                                          In the next instant, we reached a pleasant place. In night, people were singing and dancing around bright flames. People had small lamps in their hands. The night was so cold that every body was wearing gloves. We also took gloves and joined with them dancing for some time. Once the dance was over, we continued our journey on the horses. After a while, we found that the pathway was ending at the bank of a river. We did not know what to do now. Suddenly I heard a voice “Dear Ben, remember the dozens of lighted lamps, which encouraged you to dance with the people. Do not stop your journey.The road may end but your journey never ends. Have faith in God; there is a destiny for each one of you. Now go forward. You shall get a boat”. We moved forward and the next moment I heard the morning alarm. I stopped the alarm. The time was 6AM.

I was on bed with my eyes wide open.I remembered the dream so clearly as if I had seen it in a video display. I thought of the joy, I had felt when I was dancing with the people.  The voice also encouraged me to prepare for the picnic during the next Christmas Holidays. I knew that dreams contain great wisdom that can help us in many ways. Remembering a dream involves the transfer of information from our unconscious mind to conscious mind. Dreams may enrich our lives in many ways. Multiple views help us to explore the wealth of information. Welcome dreams.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What an idea Serji?

Dec 12 ,2010 Sunday morning- I saw, in my house the balcony area was wet. I observed that fresh water was dripping from the wall and it was entering to the balcony. There are two pipelines enter to the bath room from the main water pipe; From that one branch go to the bath shower and other go to the Instant Water Heater. I thought that  four chances are for leak. One might be  from shower line, 2nd from heater inlet line ,3rd outlet and the 4th from bottom branch which connected to the wash basin .

Before everything else, I need to confirm whether the top water lines are ok or not. So I disconnected the heater inlet flexible pipe and sealed the end to end connections. Then observed that the leak was continuing again. But I did n’t get any idea whether the leak was from bottom pipe lines or top lines. I don’t want to damage the wall or tiles. Thoughts were rushed out for a while. What to do? What will happen, if I increase the pressure of  water lines?

 The main valve from the water tank  at the roof  was half open. I opened the outlet valve fully to increase the pressure  of  water lines. 2nd day I found a leak from the window side tiles of bath room which was at a height of 5feet. The leak was due to the hi pressure and water  was passing through all the available spaces.

This was enough for me to confirm that  one leak is from the top pipe-joint inside the wall. Then I took the electric drill and put on and drilled the wall to remove some portion of the tile grout around the top pipe-joint. Immediately water rushed out  from the wall through the drilled hole. Then closed the main valve and removed the tile grout surrounding the PVC elbow. After removing the elbow, I  plugged the pipe. Then opened the main valve and it was observed that there was no leak from the wall to the balcony. This was a nice experience for me. My wife told me that she did not think  ‘it would be sorted out this much easily. What an idea Serji? ’.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Following an Innova car

On 11th December morning at 9AM,I was following a Car(Innova) from BMC  compound. Both vehicles want to cross one panchayath road to enter the Seaport-Airport Road. We both were in very slow speed and in first gear.

I have looked left and right and there was no vehicles on the road. The Innova car has crossed the road and I was just behind it. When I reached the middle of the panchayath road ,a motor cycle came with a high speed. The bike rider suddenly braked and it hit the left side front tyre of  my Ritz car.Then he falled down slowly with the bike. All the near by Auto Riksha drivers came running to help him. After some seconds he regained the energy and picked up the bike and started the it.A miracle happened.On checking, the vehicle /himself had no problem at all.Thanks to the Lord! I spoke with him half an hour and sent him happily.

What had really happened? Is it my mistake?

About me

I am Vargis Raj from Kochi,S.India. I am living in a house owned by Co. with my wife and my daughter. We have a lovely 3years old cat also with us and we call it Alphy .

I work as an Engineer in a Manufacturing Company in Kochi.When I come back home after my job, the cat would be waiting at the gate patiently for me.The cat will be the first to welcome me before my wife opens the door.Something I would keep in my bag for the pet.It likes laddu, jilabi,cake, pakkavada, cutlet, biscut, kurkure, chocolate,chips etc.If nothing is with me ,it would take me to the kitchen and start jump to the alamarah. Because Alphy knows something special would be in the Almarah.After eating, Alphy wants to play with me.It doesnot mind my  wife or daughter during this time. Because it knows that I love it more than others.

Let me write about my job. Before joining in Co.,Kochi, my first job in 1983 was, a Pvt College lecturer ,in Kottayam(middle Kerala). My job was to prepare the students to write  Engineering Entrance Exam. My students were very brilliant so that I learnt more from them. I prepared fresh multiple questions for them  every day.They were very happy with me. In the evening I was taking classes for AMIE students.My main subjects were Physics, Electrical Engg&Power Devices and Maths. I was not tired, eventhough, I had only little time to rest. Because all students loved me as an elder brother. 

I had no interest to quit the teaching field but decided to join in a good company for more career and future developments.

I joined in the present co. in 1984 February as an Electrical Engineer Trainee. My target was to become a trained technical man in various Engineering field. I had no limits in learning on any field even though I had degree in one field( Electrical Engg). I have completed another courses such as  Micro Computer Applications(PGDCA) and  PG Diploma in Industrial relations. I have learnt to work in all fields such as Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, and Automobile Engg fields. I conducts Industrial Audits in compliances of all Engg field, ISO,IS,IEC,OSHAS etc.

Now in 2010, with the grace of Almighty God, I have completed my 25 years of  successful Service. I remember all my  colleagues who helped in my career.